Ramon Sepulveda Agave Mexican Bistro

Agave Chef Ramon Sepulveda began his restaurant career on the Mexican baja, working in various restaurants where he learned the cuisines of Italian, American and eventually Mexican. Sepulveda said this upbringing with his culinary training in Italian and American cuisine greatly influenced his current work at Agave where the menu is a fusion of Mexican flavor with fresh California ingredients. Originally from Guadalajara, Sepulveda said he took hospitality courses while in school but never structured culinary training. Instead, as the oldest of his siblings, he was always in charge of making food for his family. Because he learned from his mother and grandmother, he believes his food has a true homemade quality. Sepulveda said he was always attracted to the work of chefs and he wanted to be in a similar creative position.
While working in Cabo san Lucas, Ramon met with owner Alexandro Garcia who convinced him to come and open Agave with him in Pleasanton. Sepulveda said he is very happy with the creative freedom he was given and very proud when the restaurant was recognized among the best in the Bay Area. At Agave, the menu covers most of Mexican regions, but Sepulveda adds that there are many seafood dishes he brought from his time he spent on the Baja early in his career. In addition to the savory dishes of Mexican cuisine, chef Ramon said he equally enjoys playing with the dessert menu, chocolate being his favorite.

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