John Burke Liquid Bread

Executive Chef of Liquid Bread in Campbell, John Burke brings together a resume of fine dining experience and a love for craft beer at his popular new gastropub. The South Bay native is from a generation inspired by the early days of celebrity chefs and lists Julia Child, Alice Waters and Wolfgang Puck as chefs who stirred up his interest in cooking and becoming a chef. Burke said he distinctly remembers visiting Wolfgang Puck’s Spago restaurant as an 11-year-old and being intimidated yet fascinated with the combination of flavors and culinary technique. Instead of paying the cost of culinary school, Burke started serving in restaurants and making his way into the kitchen where he was able to learn on the job. Burke worked served the sous chef position at Travese where his work contributed to the restaurant being awarded Michelin star recognition. Inspired by the beer and gastropub culture of San Francisco and Portland,  Burke and friend, Jordan Trigg pulled funds together to purchase a location in downtown Campbell to open Liquid Bread Gastropub. While most of his past restaurants have revolved around fine wines being paired to his food, Burke said he is much more a beer fan and believes beer, compared to wine, has just as many qualities that suit it for gourmet dining and wants Liquid Bread to demonstrate that. Working with his right hand man and sous chef, Tyler Graham, Burke has developed an affordable, upscale menu that complements the beer using inspirations from American, Californian, French and Japanese cuisines.

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