Herb Ng 4290 Bistro & Bar

An experienced chef in global fusion and hotel industry cuisine, Chef Herb Ng brings his culinary passion to 4290 Bistro & Bar at Crown Plaza Hotel in Palo Alto. Chef Ng began his culinary journey at the age of twelve in his family’s Chinese restaurant in San Francisco. Ng graduated from the culinary arts program at San Francisco City College where he then served apprenticeship at the Four Season’s Cliff Hotel in San Francisco at the age of 20. His experience has grown into a lifelong passion. Ng has been Executive Chef at several of the largest hotels in the San Francisco Bay Area and has won several awards for his culinary skills on the West Coast.

His cooking philosophy centers around using quality, local ingredients of the season to create uncomplicated dishes that draw out the best and defining qualities of each ingredient. His style is based on many influences, combining Asian techniques with global flavors. Ng continues to find inspiration for his menu in his travel, experimentation and from his diverse staff.

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